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Diva Pro Defense products are designed with your safety and that of your loved ones in mind!


Self-defense is about deterrence. Having a self-defense device is intended to help deter a would be attacker, and to be used effectively and AS A LAST RESORT. Therefore carrying a stun gun or pepper spray does not mean they should be used at the slightest whiff of a confrontation. Even though they are non-lethal devices, they are still weapons that have the potential of being fatal if not used properly.


When deciding on what non-lethal self-defense device to buy, there are many factors to consider. Before even deciding on which device to buy, think whether you are capable of carrying one. Are you mentally fit? YOU are the first factor. What self-defense product do you realistically think you can use/handle in a confrontation. There is no point carrying a device where you will end up chickening out at the critical moment. Obviously training is a critical part of building confidence and judgment. We recommend that when you buy one of our self-defense products you will also embark on training yourself with basic self-defense techniques. Such as knowing where to kick, bite or punch an assailant, just in case they caught you off guard and you need that split time and space to draw out your weapon.



This is the first thing you need in deciding whether to own a self-defense device. the way you comport yourself in a situation can act as a major deterrent. Anytime you face an attacker, they size you up and decide within seconds whether you are game or whether they should leave you alone. They are not dumb (at least the majority of them). Similarly you should be able to size them up quickly too. Doing that allows you to decide within seconds whether verbal self-defense is good enough or whether you need to take out your device and subdue them or simply run.




So we get back to the question of which device do I buy? A stun gun or pepper spray? It depends. Stun guns have a great advantage in the sense that not only can they stun the daylights out of a person but even before getting to that point, just engaging the probes in front of an attacker can act as a powerful deterrent. Some people have asked whether the shock will pass on to the stunner (as opposed to the stunned) in case the stunned person touches you. The answer is no. You will not be affected. And the shock goes right through their clothes too.


Pepper spray on the other hand has an advantage in the sense that instead of shock, it blinds an attacker and can take a longer time for them to recover to any reasonable ability to do any harm. Giving you enough time to escape and call for help.


If you have any questions or need any help deciding please contact us! We can help you choose the right product(s) for you.

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